Editors: Pau Amaro-Seoane & Bernard Schutz
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Spin effects in the phasing of gravitational waves from binaries on eccentric orbits


by Klein, Antoine and Jetzer, Philippe
7 pages, 1 figure; Accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. D

We compute here the spin-orbit and spin-spin couplings needed for an accurate computation of the phasing of gravitational waves emitted by comparable-mass binaries on eccentric orbits at the second post-Newtonian (PN) order. We use a quasi-Keplerian parametrization of the orbit free of divergencies in the zero eccentricity limit. We find that spin-spin couplings induce a residual eccentricity for coalescing binaries at 2PN, of the order of $latex 10^{-4}$-$latex 10^{-3}$ for supermassive black hole binaries in the LISA band. Spin-orbit precession also induces a non-trivial pattern in the evolution of the eccentricity, which could help to reduce the errors on the determination of the eccentricity and spins in a gravitational wave measurement.

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